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Dear Mr. Editor,

This is outrageous. We cannot be glorifying the Gilded Age! It is a time of corruption, ineptitude, and stalemate politically and should not be cherished for this! Corruption runs rampant through our political system with political leaders taking bribes for jobs, presidents selecting friends into high office positions they do not deserve whatsoever, extremely close elections which were close because neither party seemed passionate o truly carry on its political ambitions to better the country - prestige is the main concern unfortunately, large groups of important parts of the population are forming their own groups such as the Populist farmers which is unhealthy for a citizen body, etc… These are classic and clear examples of political stalemate and corruption throughout the system which is ridiculous and cannot be continued if we are to live a better life and continue to improve our nation.  

A concerned citizen

Today, we delve into the life of an African American living in today’s white man world and how the KKK affects them and what the government is doing to help. Here we ask Ben Johnson, born a slave in 1848, about his experiences through the years in segregation from the whites. He states, “The most that I can tell you ‘bout is the Klu Klux. I never will forget when they hung Cy Guy. They hung him for a scandalous insult to a white woman an’ they comed after him a hundred strong.” He continues, “They tries him there in the woods, an’ they scratches Cy’s arm to get some blood, an’ with that blood they writes that he shall hang ‘tween the heavens and the earth till he is dead, dead, dead, and that any nigger what takes down the body shall be hanged too.

Well sir, the next morning there he hung, right over the road an’ the sentence hanging over his head. Nobody would bother with that body for four days an’ there it hung, swinging in the wind, but the fourth day the sheriff comes an’ takes it down.

There was Ed an’ Cindy, who before the war belonged to Mr Lynch an’ after the war he told them to move. He gives them a month and they ain’t gone, so the Ku Kluxes gets them.” This shows how even to this day after several laws passed freeing slaves and abolishing slavery, those inclined toward their own race’s supremacy can go to extreme lengths to achieve it as seen through our interview with Ben Johnson. Just the hint of the name Ku Klux Klan is enough to strike fear into the hearts of blacks nationwide. Something must be done to stop these vigilantes!


The 1896 Summer Olympics just took place and American athletes did phenomenally. America took the most amount of gold medals home with 11, followed closely by Greece with 10 gold medals. America also won 20 total medals, coming in second to the host nation of Greece. Thomas Burke, Robert Garrett, and James Connolly lead the athletics team, who made the podium for every single event. Brothers John and Sumner Paine excelled in shooting, winning three medals together, despite earlier controversies regarding the caliber of the brothers’ pistols. America did not participate in fencing, cycling, swimming, tennis, wrestling, weightlifting and gymnastics. Women were not allowed to represent America in this year’s Olympic games.


The Knights of Labor are a new, amazing organization that aims to help the new generation of workers to organize and gain collective-bargaining rights. Uniting workers in a polarized society, the brave efforts of Terrence V. Powderly and others have made a huge difference in the world that we live in today. Today, the Knights of Labor, the Populist party, and the American Federation of Labor have all made a difference, by pushing for radical changes in the way that workers are treated. Some of the ideals that the Knights of Labor push for include curbing child and convict labor, rejecting socialism and radicalism, and demanding for an eight-hour workday. Obviously, however, many industrialists and entrepreneurs are pushing back against these knew developments. They reject these demands on the basist that many The government is supporting these industrialists and entrepreneurs, with a recent Supreme Court decision overturning a New York state law that maxes the amount of hours a worker can work. Thus it seems that all is going downhill for these groups, however they keep fighting for what they believe in, and this is an admirable quality.

The Nation

A huge event in national politics during the Gilded Age was the assassination of the 25th president of the United States, William McKinley. On September 6th, 1901, as McKinley was shaking hands with the public inside the Temple of Music, an audacious anarchist, Leon Czolgosz, shot him. The bullets wounds caused critical health problems for the president; McKinley later died on September 14th, from a terrible condition from the shooting known as Gangrene. Leon Czolgosz lost his job during the economic Panic of 1893 and because of this, he felt that he had to kill McKinley as an anarchist.image